Share your discoveries with family and create your own heirloom that will last throughout the generations.

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Our historians bring your story alive!

Custom research-Publication-Society membership-Language Translation-Record Retrieval-Photograph-Preservation-Advice.

Let us help your ancestors come alive and tell their unique story through our one of a kind custom made publications. Build a family heirloom that will live for generations to come and keep their story alive. 

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Civic Ancestry

"I knew my family had deep roots in American history but I had no idea that my trail would lead through Jamestown and a connection to President Thomas Jefferson.  Civic Ancestry helped me connect with the past in a way I hadn't imaged."  

​Randal C. Teague


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Heirloom Books

​Civic Ancestry

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FOR Family Historians 


Learn details about who your ancestors were and how they helped build America.  Don't just connect the dots to your family tree with names and dates​.

Discover who they were, how

they lived and the struggles that make you their descendant.